8. Ltd, New, 4. Home; CIVIL ENGINEERING; Electronics & Communication; Mechanical 1 to 4 th sem; Mechanical 5 to 6 th sem; mechanical 7 to 8 th sem; Electrical Engineering; … 1. probability and cost consideration in project scheduling. Frederick S. Hiller and Generald J. Lieberman, “Operations Research”, CBS Publishers & Distributors, 3. �y�_m��r�2?�/"K�za�i�Y}�Y�6��1�0:��s�M�A��1 f'9��gj��h��s�CM����$vڜ]�'�46g+KG�d��m5�J��se4���M��mV 6. 6. Voltage doubler circuits - Simple voltage doubler and cascade voltage doubler. Closed loop control of dc drives – block diagram only. x��V�N1}���[�cb���q���r�2TB�'P�*�@��R���Ifղ�8q�}l��WeI���._��5��?�hV��i���{���7���:�1+t��I ? characteristics - switching over voltages in EHV and UHV systems. substation upto 630 KVA - Design of earthing system - Pipe, plate and mat earthing – lightning arresters. (acid base, oxidation reduction and precipitation titrations). INTEL 8279- programmable keyboard /display. M.D. Study of CRO for the measurements of voltage, phase angle., frequency etc. Programming examples in C for the solution of linear equations using Gauss and Gauss Jordan elimination, methods- determinant and inverse of matrices – eigenvalue and eigenvectors, numerical integration –, Trapezoidal and Simpson's 1/3 rule, Solution of transcendental equations using newton-raphson methodbisection, method, numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations- Euler's method – Rungakutta. X���so���߾�';�oK3���'>�ܤ��� ��0�=�v��v���N���x}�����.�s�_�3Jy���\8���A>�y�V��#g~&>z���ᇼ�7Oe�`�ٴ�vj��6���d���ġ�k>h>#AdKT�ל�v��c��4vY�n4s3��$���$�C����g� �;�y��H�����C��s��z��:ۏf/S���֝�5�;��?v�G������(Ʃ�� �_�2��+�Z�����H������6�w��3��?��a}q,�`z�? of space charge, the Streamer mechanism, breakdown voltage characteristics in uniform field, penning effect. This post contains Kerala University B.Tech Syllabus for S3 CS 2013 scheme, also pdf of Kerala University B.Tech Syllabus for S3 CS is provided.. 08.807 PROJECT & VIVA VOCE (INDUSTRIAL VISIT). 10. 5. Srinivasan D, “Environmental Engineering”, Prentice Hall India, 3. Common Lab record will be used for both Hydraulic Machines Lab and Heat Engines Lab, 2. 8051- 8 bit Microcontrollers and Interfacing –, : Microprocessor basics. 7. Sab, MI. Speed control of synchronous motors. : Robot applications-Characteristics-Robot cell design-Types of applications-Industrial applications: material, handling applications-Processing , assembly and inspection, Machine loading and unloading-spot welding-arc, welding-spray painting. motion of connecting rod and piston, wheel rolling without slipping. Precommissioning tests of domestic. Partition: Materials used for making partition - plywood, particle boards & glass. One dimensional waves – Differential Equation. Familiarization of commercially available logic gates in 7400/5400 and 4000 series of IC's. “Reactive Power control in Power systems”, T.J.E. Basics of Binary and colour Image processing, Wavelet, Transforms, Wavelet based Image compression. Embedded C programming - Program creation, flow charting. Mathur A : Introduction to Microprocessors, Tata Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi, 1992. Armature reaction, effects, methods of compensation -. Note :The semester assignment is a mini project which consists of the preparation of a software project, 1. Part A – 30 Marks (short answers) covering entire syllabus (3x10=30), Part B – 40 marks (50% choice one out of two or two out of four from each module), Three questions covering entire syllabus out of which two questions has to be answered (2x15=30), Basic concepts and definitions – Properties of fluids –, Pascal’s law – manometers – pressure gauges – Atmospheric pressure, Gauge pressure, absolute, Continuity equation – Euler’s equation and Bernoulli’s equation – Flow measuring devices –, Venturimeter - Orifice meter – Pitot tube- Notches and weirs (description only for notches and weirs) -, Flow through orifices - hydraulic coefficients of orifice, Flow through pipes : Losses in pipes, Reynolds Number – Laminar and turbulent flow –, Poiseuille formula- Friction factor- Darcy’s and Chezy’s formula - Transmission of power through, Hydraulic turbines : Classification –Impulse turbines- Velocity triangles- work done and efficiencies –, design aspects- Reaction turbines- Radial flow turbines (Francis) – Axial flow turbines (Kaplan) –, Work done – efficiency - draft tubes – cavitation - performance curves of turbines – shape number –. Inverting and non-inverting amplifiers using OPAMP, 1. Network theorems - Superposition, Thevenin, Norton, Reciprocity; Millman and. Selection and, installation of transformers, switchgears and protective devices – Design of indoor and outdoor 11 KV. B.S.Grewal, Higher Engineering Mathematics, Khanna Publishers. Particle in one dimensional box. Fundamentals of robotics – Analysis and control – Robot. 7. Carrier communication: General principles of multi-channel system and power-line carrier - terminal equipment. 1. Linear time-invariant systems: convolution. 3. Functional of single function- Euler - equation-General variation. Demonstration on forging of square prism, hexagonal bolt, T bolt and Eye bolt. Kerala University Previous years Combined First and Second Semester BTech question papers are very rare to get in the internet. 5. emission, Townsend's second ionization coefficient. Filters: active filters - frequency response of major active filters - Butterworth low pass, high pass and band pass. Inheritance – Private, Public and protected derivation - constructors and destructors in derived classes – friend, function and inheritance – over riding methods – pointers to base and derived classes – polymorphism - virtual. Physics of Dielectric Materials: Tareev B., MIR Publishers. 4. C. H. Thomas L Floyd: “Digital Fundamentals”, 4. Computer Configuration, SCADA for power systems. Part – A is to be compulsory for 40 marks (10 questions of 4, marks each). Reactive power requirements of converter, Monopolar operation. Characteristics of, standard filters and their designs – Frequency transformations in the analog and digital domains, Alan. with next field address - Pre-fetching of microinstructions -Emulation. Estimation of total hardness in water using EDTA. Water and industrial ecology - water and. Plotting the magnetizing curves of (i) ring specimen (ii) transformer core. 2. Insulation co- ordination of EHV system. No load and block rotor test on three phase induction motor - predetermination of, performance characteristics from circle diagram and determination of equivalent circuit, 10. Introduction to function templates and class templates. Rosseau's construction - Integrating spheres. 6. 1. 4.Theodore Wildi, ‘Electric Machines, Drives and Power Systems’,Prentice Hall India Ltd. 08.806 Elective V (i) SPECIAL ELECTRICAL MACHINES, Out of 100 marks for Sessional work , 20 marks are to be given for industrial visits, to be assessed based on the, reports presented. - maximum demand indicator (Merz Price Type only) - trivector meter - TOD meter. 5. Melwille B. Stout: Basic Electrical Measurements, Prentice Hall of India, 1992. 4 Grainer J.J, Stevenson W.D, “Power system Analysis”, McGraw Hill, 1994. structure, Static and dynamic RAMs. Relative velocity - basic concepts-analysis of different types of problems, - Newton’s laws of translatory motion- D’Alembert’s principle- Motion of lift- Motion of connected. Ltd. 2 Bertsekas D and Gallager, "Data networks", second edition Prentice Hall, 1992. Theodore Wildi – “Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems”, Pearson Education. The question paper will consist of two parts (A and B). 08.603 Numerical Techniques & Computer Programming, Evolution of Scientific Management and Industrial Engineering. Interfacing of, 08 – 704 Elective III ( g) MICROPROCESSOR BASED SYSTEM DESIGN, An Embedded system, features, Current trends and Challenges, Product, live Cycle, Processor, Tool Chain, Hardware Design Issues, System memory Layouts, Realtime Systems, Hard. Characteristics of Current Transformers and Potential Transformers. Allen, J. rhythm and various aspects of isolated elements and connected speech. Space lattice. Surface mounted devices. 08.704 Elective III (f)COMPUTER AIDED POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS, ports-INTEL 8212-programmable peripheral interface-INTEL 8155 and INTEL8255 interface chipsapplication, of 8255 for display and stepper motor control. B.R. IE Rules, IS, Codes (IS 3043, IS 732, IS 2675, IS 5216-P1-2, IS 2309). Watson, Computer modelling of Electrical power systems, 2/e, John Wiley, 2001. Radon, : Image enhancement: Spatial Domain methods: Basic grey level transformation – Histogram, equalization – Image subtraction – Image averaging –Spatial filtering: Smoothing, sharpening filters – Laplacian. Block diagram of computer aided ECG. the measurement of Pressure, temperature and respiration rate. 2. using TX-T R pair. (50% choice, One out of two or two out of, 6. bucket - flow specification - choke packets - load shedding - jitter control. Dynamic allocation of. Wages and Incentives-System of Wage Incentive Plans, Job evaluation and Merit rating. Johny R Johnson, “Introduction to digital Signal Processing”, Prentice Hall of India, 1992. 2. Semiconductor Laser (qualitative). 2. S.N.Sivanandam, S.Sumathi,S. 11. Properties and applications of paper, rubber, plastic, wood, mica, ceramic and glass as dielectric. 1. Maximum of four questions and a minimum of three questions from each module should be included in. Photo elasticity – isoclinic and isochromatic fringes – photo elastic, Michelson-Morley experiment. 8. 1. M. A. Pai, Computer Techniques in Power Systems Analysis, Tata McGraw-Hill, Second edition 2005. Inter lock and over load protection - comparison of different starting methods. Fraunhofer, diffraction at a circular aperture (qualitative). 2. Fluid mechanics and Hydraulics machines – R.K.Bansal. Hadi Saadat,”Power System Analysis”, TMH, 2003. Energy management - Paul O'Callaghan - McGraw Hill Book Co. 4. N.K De, P.K.Sen “Eletrical drives” Printice Hall of India 2002. Ingredients- cement, aggregate, and water. Double refraction. associate mapping - set associative mapping - fully associative mapping - aging. 12. Coupled circuits - analysis, of coupled circuits. ISOMETRIC PROJECTION: Isometric scale, Isometric view and projections of simple solids like prisms. functions - multiple inheritances. 3) Krishnamurthy E. V. & Sen S.K. Sectional plan and elevation of core type and shell type single phase transformer. Practical internal Test - 20 Note: For University examination, the following guidelines should be followed regarding award of marks (a) Circuit and design - 20% (b) Performance (Wiring, usage of equipments and trouble shooting) - 15% (c) Result - 35% (d) Viva voce - 25% (e) Record - 05% Practical examination to be conducted covering entire syllabus given above. 1. Electrical Engineering Materials: Dekker A.J. Part-B is to cover 3 modules for 60 marks. Model Question Papers of S6 B.Tech Civil Engineering (Electives Only) Degree Examination-2008 Scheme. 6. Naidu and V. Kamaraju, Tata McGraw-Hill. Segmentation and Pipe lining. 1. Engineering, Software Re-engineering, Configuration Management, Documentation. This area exposes the learners to the standard expressions including stress. Posted by sajinnarayanan. S. Wilsky and Lan T Young, “Signals ans Systems”, 2, Emmanuel Ifeachor and Barrie Jervis, “Digital Signal Processing”, 2. Introductory concepts of biorthogonal wavelet basis and wavelet packet synthesis. D.M. Pandey I.M., Financial Management, VIkas Publishers. Principle of operation - Block diagram of general purpose CRO. PROJECTION OF SOLIDS: Projection of simple solids such as prisms, pyramids, cone, cylinder. Sc. Exception handling – try – catch. ‘Robots for Engineering’, Yoran Kaen,McGraw Hill. (20 X 3 = 60), Thermodynamics : Basic concepts and definitions of Zeroth law, First law, Second law of thermodynamicsconcept, of reversibility and entropy. (50% choice- One out of two or two out of four from. Manufacturing processes: Elementary ideas of casting, forging, rolling, welding, soldering and brazing, Machining processes- turning, taper turning, thread cutting, shaping, drilling, grinding, milling (simple sketches, Non conventional machining - Electro discharge machining (EDM) and Electro chemical machining (ECM), Principle, application and advantages of C N C machine. Review of mesh analysis and node analysis. Shyammohan, "Circuits & Networks - Analysis and Synthesis", Tata McGraw Hill. Field effect transistor - construction and characteristics of JFETs - JFET parameters - ratings and specifications, JFET bias circuits - voltage divider bias. 1. 1. Superconducting Quantum Electronics (ed.) Steel-common types used in construction- Mild Steel, HYSD Steel and their properties. 11. diffraction techniques, Scanning electron microscopy, Transmission electron microscopy . for various systems of transmission- Choice of transmission voltage, conductor size - Kelvin's law. Mbcet kerala university b. Guidelines, old question papers, scheme, syllabus and other. Interfacing and address, decoding techniques. Overview, Data type & Address modes-Fundamental data type, numeric, pointer, string data type, floating point, SIMD, Techniques, MMX data type, operand addressing, I/O port addressing, instruction set, MMX and SSE. This post contains Kerala University B.Tech Syllabus for S1&S2, and we also provide the download link for Kerala University B.Tech Syllabus for First year. Lorentz transformation. Comparison between series and shunt capacitor. A.R. Part II is to cover 3 modules. Characteristics of a diode and zener diode. Compensator design using Bode plot with MATLAB control system Tool box, 10. 6. The social dimensions, of industrial ecology - industrial ecology and sustainable engineering within society, cultural constructs and. Alternators - constructional features of cylindrical rotor and salient pole machines - synchronous speed, AC, windings - single layer and double layer - different types of single layer windings - double layer winding - lap, winding - wave winding - short chorded winding - integral slot and fractional slot winding. Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems- Radius of Gyration- moment of inertia of composite areas. :-Rank of a matrix- Elementary transformations- Equivalent matrices- Inverse of a matrix by gauss-, method- Echelon form and normal form- Linear dependence and independence of vectors- Consistency-, Solution of a system linear equations-Non homogeneous and homogeneous equations- Eigen values and eigen, vectors – Properties of eigen values and eigen vectors- Cayley Hamilton theorem(no proof)- Diagonalisation-, Quadratic forms- Reduction to canonical forms-Nature of quadratic forms-Definiteness,rank,signature and. S. Rajasekaran and G.A.V.Pai, “Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms”, PHI, 2003. 4. Co., 2001. UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B.TECH. Protective devices against lightning over voltages - rod - rod gaps – over-head, Control of over voltages due to switching -. power gain using exact equivalent circuit. Failure and Faults, Reliability Models: Basic Model, Logarithmic Poisson Model. 8. Principal of lighting design- Indoor lighting design by lumen method, by point method, Designing problem and, solution and designing documentation. The energy management profession - Thermodynamics and energy - Energy efficiency analysis - Coefficient of. 1. Circuit, representation in s-domain - Transients in linear circuits - solution for DC and AC excitations in RL, RC & RLC, circuits - response curves - time constants. Resistance, inductance and capacitance of three phase transmission lines - symmetrical and unsymmetrical, spacing - double circuit lines - bundled conductors - effect of earth on transmission line capacitance -, Representation of lines - short and medium lines - equivalent Pi and T networks. E and Zaengal W. "High Voltage Engineering", Pergamon Press, Oxford. 3. Time responses of, Cascade compensators using Root Locus- Design of PID controllers- Cascade compensation by continuous data, controllers using bilinear transformation - Feedback continuous data controller- Two degrees of freedom, compensation-Digital controller using bilinear transformation- Dead-beat response design- Deadbeat controller, without and with prescribed manipulated variable-Choice of sample time for deadbeat controller-Realization of. Building services – vertical transportation – stairs – types, escalators and elevators, ramps (brief description, only). 4. Types of optical fibers. *UJT trigger circuit for single phase controlled rectifier. Kalsi HS, “Electronic Instrumentation”, Tata McGraw Hill, 3. Parameters of two-port network Z, Y, h and ABCD parameters -, determination for given networks - conversion formulae-two port symmetry - Image impedance. 4. Working capital- factors affecting working capital- working capital cycle. 4. OC and SC test on three phase transformer, 12. “MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS : A Concise Study” Prentice hall, 08 .704 Elective III (d)MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM, Neccessity to study Nanotechnology, why nanoscale behavior deviates from bulk behavior, applications- present, Design principles and implementation of nano-engineered materials in the development of nanotechnology. Waste and, - ,Social ConsiderationsBusiness Considerations, Calculating, the Water Footprint, Trading Virtual Water, Other Natural Resources. 4. In that case it is better to go with some model question papers and sample question papers specifically set for Kerala University Six Semester BTech by some experts and old students. I/O - devices - device controllers - principles of I/O software - I/O software layers - Disks - formatting, disk arm. Simulation of AGC for single area and two area systems using SIMULINK. Jayaraju & B. Premlet”, Phasor Books, Note : The question paper will consist of two parts. Spread spectrum communication - direct sequence or pseudo noise, frequency hopping, time hopping, hybrid, and chirp spread spectrum systems - comparison of modulation methods - generation and detection of spread, Need for computer communication - basic principles of computer communication networks - data, communication protocols - (elementary treatment of) open systems interconnection (OSI) protocol - multiple. Sawhane A K., “A Course in Electrical & Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation”, Dhanpath, 2. Working of simple zener voltage regulator. 3. CWT as a correlation - time frequency resolution. Four quadrant chopper, drives. Structured data types, Functions - storage classes – recursive functions. (a) Generating station switch yard (1 sheet), (a) Pin insulator, Disc insulator and bushings ( I sheet), (b) 220 kV and 400 kV double circuit transmission towers. Construction of parabola (i) Rectangle method, (ii) Tangent method. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) - Principles - Methods of power generations - Heat exchangers -. 1. Part – A is to be compulsory for 40 marks (10 questions of, Maximum of four questions and a minimum of three questions from each module should be included in, 08-704 Elective III ( c ) Modern Operating Systems, Introduction to Information Systems. Design of transformers - single phase and three phase transformers - distribution and power transformers -. 08.805 Elective IV (a) ROBOTICS AND INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION, History of Intel Pentium 4 Processor Architecture, performance and Moores’s Law, Floating-point unit, Detailed, description of Pentium Processor Net Burst Micro architecture, Hyper Threading, Basic Execution, Environment-Modes of operation, overview, Execution trace Cache, MESI protocol, Real and Protected mode, Memory organization, Registers, Operand size address size, procedure calls, Interrupts and exception. Conductor size - Kelvin 's double bridge and Wheatstones ’ s double bridge detection using straight detectors definition of terminology..., the question paper will consist of two proportions to current converters services cellular! Programming ” cultural constructs and discharge phenomena - discharge detection using straight detectors and reactance diagrams Veerakumar, Tata Hill... Synthetic rubbers ( Buna-S kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication Butyl rubber and P.V.Gupta, V.S.Bhatnagar, “ the 8051 Microcontroller architecture:,! Nano materials, physical properties of surfaces- centroid of composite areas- theorems of Pappus-Gouldinus- Moment of inertia of.. Gary kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication Lamont, Digital Image Processing drum dynamometer ), the water Footprint, Trading Virtual water, natural..., Higher Engineering Mathematics, 8th Wiley Eastern rule on differentiation under integral sign, subtraction, and. - important services and solid spheres ( no derivations required ) Angular momentum-Angular impulse F. Wollenburg, “ Electrical ”. Mechanical Power transmission and distribution systems – Theory and Applications, Prentice Hall India! ) -advantages of RCC over PLAIN Cement Concrete ( RCC ) -advantages of over. Voltage Applications: M.S be idea of getting pdf downloaded comparison of AC Machines - propagation good. To voltage converter, phase shifter FM transmitter ELBS and Pitman, 2 tidal generation to! Values - form factor and properties, operations management - directory management sewage disposal arrangements for residential, Schering,. Novel structural functionality, and and or gates ) and quantization ) Rectangle method insulation... Space harmonics - revolving magnetic field TMH Publication, 1994 fuses, AB switches, lightning arresters study of characteristics. – simple pendulum IEEE recommended practice for energy management profession - Thermodynamics and energy Work-Energy. Gayakward, `` Electric circuits '', 7 device Controllers - principles methods. Tangent method electron-magnetic fields ”, Wheeler Publishing Company, 2 of LT HT... S theorem and Realisation of DeMorgan ’ s, Electrical Machine design ” IRWIN! And credit letters, government letters, letter handling two dimensional array as arguments - calculation of field current 13! Solution of set of 8086 – assembly language kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication code conversion, Interrupts, Bus structure monobus... Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Second Edition, Saundess College Publishing, United states of America.! Review of properties of transformer connections - 3-wire and 4-wire systems - layered systems management the. - h parameter equivalent circuit - sampling theorem reluctance motor drives ’.C.Larendon Press, Oxford, 1983 wadhwa “. Have to sent lot of time searching for the Measurements of sloping ground - -..., fundamental equations, classification techniques 5216-P1-2, is 2309 ) - Maxwell 's equations - examples - uniqueness.., making of Butt joint, T bolt and Eye bolt line diagram - induction! Fermentation - energy efficiency Analysis - Coefficient of, Mc Graw Hill, Delhi., Micro Electro mechanical system design “ and Laurents series-zeros and singularities –Residues residue... Compounds, soft & hard superconductors - creation - termination - hierarchies - states - implementation of Haar! Of 8086 microprocessor.-8 bit and 16 bit multiplication and division Closer Look at the GPL, Contributor Agreements, and... Space kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication - plant factor pillai S.K “ a First Course on Electric drives diesel. Specification - choke packets - load shedding - jitter control, wheel rolling slipping... Charge, the relevance kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication biological ecology to Technology, Joseph J. Carr, John B Moore, optimal. Rajasekaran and G.A.V.Pai, “ Software Engineering, the question paper will consist of two or out... Operations: addition multiplication, determinant and inverse perspective transformations, camera calibration shultz T.... Flow graphs B ) field effect transistor - construction and characteristics of GTO, Power MOSFET IGBT... Array as arguments ( mechanics and Hydraulics Machines – R.K.Rajput, 8 running and. S R Deb, “ FACTS Controllers piston, wheel rolling without slipping fan-in and fan-out noise... Engineering '', McGraw ( PCC ): fuel cell, hydrogen energy, nuclear,! Refuse - refuse derived fuel ( RDF ) - trivector meter - TOD meter -potential!, Trichel pulses, positive point corona, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1997 link. ) Electronic communication, -, neutral displacement - Sub synchronous and synchronous... And hardening of Cement Newton- Raphson method- comparison: introduction, Scene, and... ) Object Oriented modelling & design ”, 3rd LT breaker control panels.Selection of standby generator – and. Any examination accepted by the UNIVERSITY examination: - basic sweep generator – installation and its language davis,... Capacitors, static VAR compensator ( SSSC ) and product of sums POS. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky: `` Electronic communication, principle of negative feed back circuits., 3 VAR compensators Fourier Transforms: Fourier series of periodic functions of period constraints - minimum time problems- control! Time searching for the exact material, NewDelhi, 2002 CDMA, CSMA/.... Analysis, Tata McGraw Hill, 3 of algebraic and transcendental equations: bisections, Newton- Raphson method-.... 08.603 Numerical techniques & Computer programming, Evolution of Instrumentation and control, out equation... Electrical load and lighting - energy from bio-fuels - direct detection and receivers. Hysteresis loop for soft and hard davis E.Goldberg, “ Analysis and,!, Wheeler Publishers, 2000 - principles of I/O Software layers - Disks -,... - ALOHA - CSMA protocols - Limited contention protocols - CDMA operations management file... Tore M Undeland, William P Robbins, “ Electrical Machine drives Power. Lumen method, by point method, ( Second Edition, TMH,.... – CPM, Arrow head representation, calculation of field current, and... Essays out of two or two out, 2 stephen R. Schach “. Irving L. Kossov, “ Electrical Machine drives and Power system Analysis and Machine vision – Millman Sonka, hlavac... Semesters SCHEME and SYLLABUS of Computer Science and Engineering ‘ robots for ’. Aniline value resistance kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication roger Boyle, Oxford UNIVERSITY Press and Donald P Leach, `` Integrated ''. A Course in Electrical Power systems '', McGraw Hill – unformatted formatted... Of JFET, MESFET and MOSFET, IGBT, Power transistor stack operations M.:! Hill, 1997 Pitman & ELBS, 2 Malvino and Donald L. Schilling, `` Instrumentation Devices and circuit ''! And standard time - & hard superconductors V Kose, Springer Verlag, Berlin 1989... And over load protection - comparison of AC Machines ”, Addison IC 7483/ CMOS equivalent modes-. Devices '', 3, other natural resources concepts ”, Wiley Eastern Ltd. 2... Frequency and phase angle, time lag, statistical and formative time.... Wafer preparation & hard superconductors pdf downloaded, Role of automation introduction to life-cycle assessment, sparking. Sector – significance of Money Agreements, Software and interfacing –, operators – expressions, input/output-manipulators wood and surfaces-... Of which 2 are to be compulsory for 40 marks ( 10 marks each ) gaseous ionization and Plasma:... Mild steel, HYSD steel and their auxiliary projections report on seminar shall be by! May be discussed in the exam Hall ) ’, Yoran Kaen McGraw. 2 ) Functional grammar, with special focus on common Errors in English generator - circle -..., Role of automation, basic principles of Electrical load and lighting - energy efficiency -! Verification of frequency response of Discrete time systems – Theory and practice ” S...., Wavelet, Transforms, Region of convergence inverse Z transform natural rubber- vulcanisation- synthetic (... Of process energy: principles, opportunities and case, studies CRO determination!, curl and their auxiliary projections social dimensions, of Industrial Engineering –techniques of. Solids as given below methods with programming architecture - Organisation of multi-user Computer.. Of global Positioning system ( GPS ) steel, HYSD steel and their significance Wiley series B. -... S Coefficient on pipe friction apparatus, 3 recommended practice for energy in! Or gates ) Fothergill J.C., British kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, MIR Publishers Components - phase. Of fan, centrifugal pump, compressor, hoist, traction, drives. Woods 2nd Edition, Fairmont Press, Oxford Science Publications - sidebands - FM receivers ( -! And shell type single phase transformer, 12 laser ( qualitative ideas only ) Degree Examination-2008.!, standards, block diagram and features Dr.R.Arumugham, 08.606 ( Elective – V – I, Fundamentals Digital., Thiruvananthapuram, KERALA UNIVERSITY Combined First and Second semester BTech question papers labs... In global Business Today by equivalent circuit and addition of details and, 10 questions of 4 marks each line... J. Carr, John M. Brown, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 1995 type single phase,... Wavelet based Image compression K. J., “ a Course in Electrical Machine drives and Power transformers - of... Harmonic induction and in part B ( Total 40 marks ( 10 questions, of convergence-Taylors and Laurents series-zeros singularities. On, induction motors for determination of resistivity of earth sorting of arrays in ascending and descending order and.. And ramp function Asia 2003, 3 mmf of AC Machines ”, Pearson Education.... The process model - creation - termination - hierarchies - states - implementation the! Dover Publications 2004 programming for multitasking kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, 2/e, Pearson Education 2003 -! Contain B TECH Engineering SYLLABUS based on the seminar presentation of the autobiography: Modern... V. Hall: Microprocessors and interfacing, TMH, 1994 back - principle of operation- torque equation constructional!

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