(As the son of the school’s headmaster diplomatically remarks in the documentary, the filmmakers didn’t get their security deposit back.) . So was the road to how it got staged in the first place. With access to outtake footage that could be incorporated into a Rainbow Bridge documentary, he felt such a film “could serve two goals. Forever and ever. Since we were presenting all of the performance, there were mike issues. “He did meet [Mike] Hynson”—one of the guys who’d surfed on a trip around the world in the 1966 documentary The Endless Summer, and is interviewed in Music, Money, Madness. TV-14. The college crowd at Berkely Community Theatreon May 30 are some of the most appreciative you will hear at a Hendrix concert. They had already been over to Honolulu previously. To guard against wind at the 2,000-foot altitude, the foam covering Hendrix’s vocal mike was as big as a boxing glove. He had a brief European tour (including the set filmed at the Isle of Wight festival) later that summer, and his biggest priority was finishing what would have been his fourth studio album. Not a documentary but Kathy Etchingham's book Through Gypsy Eyes (get it on kindle). There were also absurd blends of fantasy, reality, and shards of music, from Neil Young’s Journey Through the Past to the Incredible String Band’s Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending. The two shows packed in about 100 minutes of music, with just one song (“Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)”) appearing in both sets. You check your contract. “But I think for Chuck, the spectacle [of the Maui concert] was enough. It’s not that huge heightened anticipation for Jimi Hendrix to bring an amazing event to a close, whether it’s Woodstock, Atlanta…think of all the various huge events he was a part of. It's more of a concert film/documentary about his performance at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival. You’d have a place where you could at least set up your monitoring, and treat it as an exercise. Jimi Hendrix is widely regarded as one of the best guitarists who ever lived, and his influence on the music industry was astounding. He’d matured and gotten to the point where he owned and controlled his own recording facility. Directed by Joe Boyd, John Head, Gary Weis. Kathy was Jimi's long-time girlfriend from they day he arrived in the UK. He would have been able to use a lot of those kind of fascinating tones and interesting structure that he’d build around specific themes, whether it’s manipulating feedback or coming up with other cool things. Billy Cox was like, ‘Oh, we were on that night.’ Mike Neal, who did the front-of-house sound for the band, says [it was] one of [his] favorite Hendrix moments of working with him. There are some things you just can’t script.”, Music, Money, Madness . The  most interesting question Music, Money, Madness raises is: what might a real Jimi Hendrix soundtrack to Rainbow Bridge have sounded like? Even the non-speaking cameo by a celebrity non-actor (Phil Spector, as a drug connection) came off well. “As it kind of continued to blossom into ‘well, now we’re gonna film you, and now you wanna be on camera,’ he didn’t want any of that,” says McDermott. Rainbow Bridge looks like it was a chore to make and it’s a chore to watch. “If you’re asking me what the real flaw of his association with this project [was], I think it’s the confusion it created in the time shortly after his death, where people wondered, is this where Jimi Hendrix was going? “If Jimi hadn’t died, he might have looked at that footage and said, ‘Nah, I don’t think it captures it, I won’t approve it. Like, ‘Hey, let’s turn on. I don’t know that Jimi, Mitch, and Billy would have been happy if this were a Jimi Hendrix Experience show and it was this untogether. It’s not a Jimi Hendrix project.” Chuck Wein, however, “was incessantly trying to get Jimi to appear in the film. For McDermott, there’s “no doubt in my mind that would have been a tremendous addition to any kind of film like that. Electric Church is also great, but it might not be what you're looking for. How was this footage found, and could any more still be out there? They brought in Abe Jacob to kind of come in from McCune Sound in San Francisco, just making sure everything was right. The site covers music, art, culture, fashion, poetry and movies – from the 60s through today. I was a huge Hendrix fan as a kid, and really didn’t understand the weird cottage industry that had sprung up around him after his death. This is "Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing" by Yan Akiyama on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. There really wasn’t ever any commentary from him. “After Jimi dies, there’s no way back for Michael. Would Rainbow Bridge have been better off just being a Jimi Hendrix concert film? “Nothing articulates Hendrix better than Hendrix, so you wish there were more of Jimi kind of giving you some sense of what he thought of this whole deal. See more ideas about jimi hendrix, hendrix, jimi hendrix experience. But while an LP titled Rainbow Bridge did appear until a year after Jimi’s death, it didn’t include any of the Maui performances heard in the Rainbow Bridge film. Producer Barry De Prendergast and Wein, he believes, “were fighting over what the movie was going to be. “Jimi has a vacation in Hawaii, comes home, goes right back into the recording studio, and Rainbow Bridge is forgotten,” says McDermott. There was a bit of a panic there that they’d better have something in the can.”, So when Jimi arrived in Hawaii—where he was to give his final US concert on August 1, at the Honolulu International Center—“he’s told, ‘Hey, tomorrow we’re gonna be filming you guys,’” resumes McDermott. The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus wasn’t released for almost thirty years. Still, McDermott thinks “Jimi would have approached it in a really interesting, creative way. But as McDermott reminds us, “They played the following night in Honolulu. RIP Gram, musical genius and tortured soul. “When I bought the Rainbow Bridge record, I thought it was fantastic. Instead, it presented studio outtakes spanning 1968 to 1970, along with one live track that had been recorded in May 1970 at the Berkeley Community Theatre. Sadly, with his death, he becomes the victim of I guess what you’d call the circus of ambition by others, that he had only a tangential connection to.”. But as I dug further into it, they had the crew, they had the film stock. Because this was somebody else’s party. Jimi would have been at the tip of the spear, saying, ‘Hey, this is what I want to do.’” But with the way Rainbow Bridge ended up being filmed and posthumously marketed, “He’s kind of passing through somebody else’s creative idea. But I had no idea—like, why is it supposed to be in Maui? Although a little off the wall, the notion of Hendrix scoring a surf documentary has its appeal, even though he’d famously intoned “you’ll never hear surf music again” in “Third Stone from the Sun.” “It would have been interesting to see how he reacted to the footage, not being a surfer or anything like that,” says McDermott, who as the author of Jimi Hendrix: Sessions (co-written with Billy Cox and engineer Eddie Kramer) might have heard more Hendrix music than anyone but Jimi himself. It wasn’t what a staid Maui Episcopal prep school, Seabury Hall, had in mind when they allowed the participants to use the grounds for many scenes. An upcoming documentary and live soundtrack goes behind the scenes of Jimi Hendrix's 1970 Maui show featured in his Rainbow Bridge film. It all would depend on the script, the placement, the usage. Jimi Hendrix In Maui  at Official Jimi Hendrix, THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF WAY OUTTA HERE – A VIETNAM SOUNDTRACK, THE STORY BEHIND DINO VALENTI’S HEY JOE AND LET’S GET TOGETHER. He’d also worked as director on another 1965 Warhol film, My Hustler. A rudimentary stage was quickly constructed, and a multi-track tape machine procured from Honolulu. If you want to experience Hendrix’s Maui performances in a more complete and uninterrupted manner than you can in the Rainbow Bridge movie, the Blu-ray’s bonus footage serves as something of a pure concert film. But fans expecting a sort of Hendrix movie from the way Rainbow Bridge was advertised, and/or an actual soundtrack to that film on the album of the same name, understandably felt perplexed, or even burned. Despite having passed away at the age of 27, Hendrix managed to gain worldwide recognition during his short playing career in the 1960s. It seemed like slash and burn at the time. But how do you not have the cameras running for ‘Purple Haze’? Room Full of Mirrors will always be my suggestion to those wanting to get a clear picture into who Jimi was. Jimi and his band are absolutely on fire at this show. Neither is Mitch Mitchell, but he’s represented by comments in an interview filmed before his 2008 death. Jimi Hendrix has been dead for 43 years, but his music continues to sell at an incredible rate. Me and my gf are looking for a solid documentary on his life and music. Easy Rider made it seem to some of the more stodgy executives that a crazy film like this could work. The brand-new documentary film Music, Money, Madness …Jimi Hendrix In Maui and accompanying Live In Maui album is now available from Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings.. It’s now part of a package that also features a two-CD set with recordings from both of his Maui shows on that day, and bonus Blu-ray features with all of the existing color footage (some not used in Rainbow Bridge) of his Maui performances. Jimi Hendrix Greatest Hits 2020 - Best songs of Jimi Hendrix But that’s how desperate they were to have some Hendrix in the film. They spend a lot of time interviewing Jimi's brother and other people in his life and it's pretty interesting. But the ability to just come out and try the new things, and see how they react to the audience and what that interaction is about, it’s clearly evident that the three of them are having fun.”. “I think it’s the relaxed nature of the presentation,” says McDermott. Chrome Dreams. One was kind of to unhitch Jimi’s unique performance—a very relaxed kind of cool performance in an amazing setting—from the whole wackiness of Rainbow Bridge. I remember being a kid and asking, is this the kind of stupid babble that the music was drowning out at Woodstock? Bob Dylan’s 1966 tour documentary Eat the Document almost entirely eschewed historic live footage for mundane scenes of the singer and the band outside the concert halls. Anyway, I think I saw Rainbow Bridge in one of those Columbia Record Clubs but for VHS tapes, 5 for $1 or something like that. Besides the Maui concert footage, the rest of what had been filmed for Rainbow Bridge would be difficult to salvage, especially without a Hendrix soundtrack (or accompanying Hendrix soundtrack LP). People know this song’. No that is!”) and such a crazy combination of music, from DJs spinning records to James Chance that it provides such an attractive window to the era. Because they were just doing what they did, which was just playing music. Jimi Hendrix left this Earth 49 years ago (September 18), and in recent years, fans have been treated to a number of new video releases.. From documentaries to remastered classic performance and everywhere in between, honor Hendrix today … He was selling a great number of albums and it wasn’t that much of a risk. Sadly, that’s not the case. “Three weeks before he’s headlining the Atlanta Pop Festival,” to a crowd of several hundred thousand. Three weeks before he’s headlining the Atlanta Pop Festival,” to a crowd of several hundred thousand. It was in a New York club that Hendrix was spotted by Animals bassist Chas Chandler.The first lineup of the Animals was about to split, and Chandler, looking to move into management, convinced Hendrix to move to London and record as a solo act in England. Electric Church is also great, but it might not be what you're looking for. There were other problems happening that day that Eddie really was able to work around, isolate, negate. They always knew they had the Hendrix. In a scenario unimaginable today—unimaginable almost anytime, really—cast and crew rounded up a few hundred Maui youngsters, letting likely suspects on Lahaina’s main drag know the Jimi Hendrix Experience would be playing on a ranch near the Haleakala volcano. Feb 23, 2014 - His music and love of art inspires me. That’s the unfortunate thing. Same with the Doors docu and the Petty Docu all of them are really great. They thought he was providing a score for this film.”. Jimi Hendrix. And yet at the same time, kind of explain how his posthumous legacy was done harm by the unfair association, or really close association, of his name with this film. Arguably no such project, however, was as downright bizarre as Rainbow Bridge. That was one of the biggest surprises for me, that they weren’t smart enough to just say ‘hey, we better go and see what else we can get with the guys, and film them over in Honolulu.’ It was a tremendous missed opportunity.”, But as McDermott allows, “That enters into a whole other can of worms, where they would have to gone to Jimi and said, ‘Oh, can we film you, can we do this?’ I think he would have reacted in a negative way and said, ‘No no no, we’re not ready for that. Why wouldn’t you have tried to get as much real Jimi and cover it in a really compelling and amazing way? It had never been used or broadcast, but I was aware of it. Chuck Wein also died in 2008, but he’s also represented by an archive interview, from an unexpected source. It was quite sad to read about his upbringing, death of his mother, racism and lack of any true friends after his fame. They had so little Hendrix that they just had to try to find a way to get him involved.”, Hendrix’s mind wasn’t on Rainbow Bridge when he left Hawaii. “We did inquire, but the interest just wasn’t there,” according to McDermott. There's also a few reasonable ones on youtube, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Paul McCartney had done Family Way, George Harrison had done Wonderwall Music. “To have this flame out as spectacularly as it was doing, that had to be really disconcerting,” McDermott observes. “Hynson said, ‘When we’re surfing, your music kind of fits. They needed to film something, because what they were doing at the school just wasn’t panning out.”, When Rainbow Bridge began filming in May 1970 with Hawaiian surf scenes, he stresses, “Jimi Hendrix was never part of this creative process. . “I had thought that they didn’t have the capability to do it. Spur of the moment and semi-professional as it was, the Experience didn’t just go through the motions, or play the minimal amount of material needed to supply Rainbow Bridge footage. But I think them then getting in front of a Jimi Hendrix show and filming it in the way they did, he would have wanted more control, more input, more pre-event knowledge of what was gonna go down.”. “He had an interest in producing a film about Michael Collins, the Irish rebel. Supporting actresses Karen Black and Toni Basil were far more accomplished than anyone with speaking parts in Rainbow Bridge. One notable absentee is the movie’s star actress, Pat Hartley, who along with some other cast can be seen grooving to the Experience on the Maui ranch. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. “Something” is a key qualifier here, since unfortunately the cameras weren’t running all the time and missed a good deal of the show. For a large number of music fans, particularly rockers, specifically those who consider “If you had another movie like Easy Rider that was not necessarily the same story, and Hendrix was given that opportunity to really take a step back and say, ‘Okay, here’s what I feel like I can creatively bring to this’…If it was just a simple surfing documentary, Jimi’s music, if it had been in that manner and that context, would have improved it.” As it was ultimately used in Rainbow Bridge, “Just putting it in, in a posthumous way from what exists from out of context-type recordings…yeah, it’s Jimi. It could have been a counterculture film, it could have been the most straight-up commercial property that you had. This truly gives you another perspective of what Jimi was like on stage. Chuck was allowed some time to detail his, shall we say, unique perspective”—one that, perhaps unsurprisingly, views the Rainbow Bridge project in a much more positive light than its numerous critics do. “The Hendrix footage ultimately became something where they were working around the gaps in the film that had been shot,” notes McDermott. I read something about how when Kim Il-Sung went abroad, he had a special detachment that would rush behind him and grab everything he touched — used forks, pillows, etc. That’s really what led to the doc.”, Considering Music, Money, Madness was made nearly half a century later, quite a few participants in Rainbow Bridge’s production were interviewed for the documentary. You would have two eight-track machines staggered so you don’t miss anything. ‘Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child’ Tells Guitarist’s Story In His Own … “The Cry of Love”—Hendrix’s first posthumous album, released in March 1971—“had ‘Dolly Dagger’ and ‘Room Full of Mirrors’ pulled from it prior to its release. Documentary. Jimi Hendrix By Those Who Knew Him Best Part 1 of 7 - YouTube 59 min. Rainbow Bridge leaves the impression that it was kind of an excuse for a bunch of surfers, hippies, and various hangers-on to party, meditate, and pontificate on film. I think with Mitch’s drums, not only was it the issue of the fact that he had to overdub them. “Which is really what led to them needing more Jimi Hendrix content in the film,” says McDermott. It was sort of like that, but available at Sam Goody for $11.99. Because this is a recording facility from which Jimi Hendrix would make more product and be able to deliver more product to Warner Brothers. “I think that’s what led to the whole idea of Jimi doing the concert in the pasture. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. So we went forward on that basis, feeling like, ‘Well, this is everything that exists. — and seal them in plastic to preserve every crumb and fleck of skin of the Great Leader. While they weren’t experienced producers and directors, Fonda (who produced) and Hopper (who directed) were Hollywood veterans who knew something about filmmaking and devising stories for the cinema, co-writing the movie with Terry Southern. That was the saving grace. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Why choose Wein, when so many other candidates might have been eager to work on a movie connected with Hendrix? “This was the first time a movie had been financed on the promise of a soundtrack album,” explains Music, Money, Madness director John McDermott. The intention had been for Jimi to do the soundtrack. I think you add them to Cry of Love and that just makes a great record greater. Not the mere seventeen minutes in which the Experience are seen playing in the film, or the Rainbow Bridge LP, whose tracks weren’t intended as the soundtrack to anything. Because it presented that song in a way that they had never thought of before. Because one thing about Jimi, Mitch, and Billy, they loved to play. The Doors’ documentary Feast of Friends was nearly incomprehensible. The Who never even got to the starting line with Lifehouse, a rock opera that was supposed to also be a film, and that no one but its originator Pete Townshend could understand. Hendrix’s manager, Mike Jeffery, “had gone to Warner Records, because Jimi and [Jeffery] were partners in Electric Lady Studios. 10 Defining Jimi Hendrix Live Moments | Consequence of Sound Its greatest sin is that it negatively impacted people’s understanding of where Jimi was headed, and that’s unfortunate. If he had opened up the window and sang ‘Happy Birthday,’ they would have tried to make that work too. “It’s that kind of a thing, just kind of thrown in their lap. “So we had a couple of different sources for additional Maui footage that we were able to pursue, and actually did it many years ago, always keeping the hope that there might be more. Because now, like, what the hell is this? Richie Unterberger has been writing about little-known and well-known rock and popular music of all kinds for more than 25 years. I think the very fact that this was Mike’s deal, or Chuck Wein’s deal, made it all fine. “But with Rainbow Bridge, Jimi wasn’t afforded that opportunity to kind of put his thumbprint in there and say ‘yeah, here’s the right song, this’ll be great.’ The problem is that even the insertion of his music into the film was all done without him reacting to it. More worrisome for Warner Brothers and Jeffery was the realization that there might not be material for a marketable film. McDermott, one of the top experts on Hendrix, has written several books on Jimi, as well as the liner notes for and working on the production of several Hendrix compilations. Yes, they filmed some things, and it’s beautiful. This Director John Ridley and star André Benjamin (a.k.a. “If this were a Jimi Hendrix show and it was untogether as that, I have a feeling it would not have been as easygoing. But I think in this context, it really was. Warners thought that was interesting. “It was all about timing,” feels McDermott. Facebook Twitter Reddit. That was all put together later to kind of make it seem like this was a scripted thing. What was the downside? The one Netflix right now is really good, I believe it's just called "Experience" or something like that. The deluxe Blu-ray package available with 2CDs or 3LPs chronicles The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s storied visit to Maui in July 1970 and how they became ensnared with the ill-fated Rainbow Bridge movie. Jimi would do a sound check, you’d be careful to know that you’re gonna be recording this performance. So that was sorely missed. Wind aside, they’re just doing their thing.”, As long as Hendrix was around, he was also corralled into briefly appearing in a few non-musical scenes for Rainbow Bridge at Seabury Hall, even awkwardly rambling in one of the stoned raps about wizards, past lives, and such. They had sourced one eight-track tape machine from Honolulu. “I knew the players that I could speak to, because I had spoken to many of them when I did my book. I think it would be best to get a well rounded and accurate version of Jimi's story while hearing from some of the major figures in his life (such as his dad and Chandler). The movie was financed by his record label, in a deal arranged by his manager. I mean, you couldn’t make it up.”. “To them, they were bemused. Or a great remote engineer like a Bill Halverson and Wally Heider, how they had done for example the Winterland concerts there. Then you reach a point where you can’t find anymore. Learn how your comment data is processed. We’re gonna make the very best of it and try to share it with folks as best we can.’, “If it was just the original seventeen minutes, I don’t think we could have done this project. - Wallpaper Abyss They had a sold-out show at the HIC Arena. It was never sold [to] them that Jimi Hendrix would appear; he would perform. Unless, perhaps, Hendrix himself could do more than just write the soundtrack. Good interview, Legs - lots of stuff I did not know. Thanks for visiting. Because you can do your guitar thing around that.’” Of course Rainbow Bridge turned into something different than a straight surf film, though at least Hendrix might have soundtracked its surf scenes.